Gathoni’s Gift is happening!

1 minute read

Hi all, thank you for being here and in your own way joining our journey. In truth the last few months have been interestingly informative. Since my last post a lot of people have come to me, asking about the foundation update, actually Tabby has also had her share of conversations about our plan. Thank you for challenging us to start and for keeping us accountable and allowing us to throw ideas around before we finally got to registration. That’s right! We are not officially registered. It has been a great honour to visit our pilot schools and introduce our plans while learning as much as we can from the students and teachers. So other than registration here is a few more updates;

  • We are official, we are now registered, we miraculously found a few people who agreed to be part of our Gift Foundation. They are our officials!. Good thing is they are spread across the world so we are looking forward to collaborate.
  • We have had a couple of activities, Last month and the month before that we visited our pilot schools and actually hosted a conservation day in one, this is real progress and we are grateful to find people and organizations who are willing to partner with us in these activities.
  • The Website, this is actually project Tabby, we have a website coming up, Tabby has decided to be super perfectionist about it so it will take abit of time but I am told it is amazing. We have been collecting a lot of content for the same and we cannot wait to share this with you
  • The donation and perhaps the greatest move, one of our organization officials has been collecting books for next school year delivery, we have a library coming up in his store, we are looking for a travel partner to send the same to Kenya. We have also called on to our friends to match this donation for more learning materials, if you have books to share please reach out to us soonest
  • Overall goodwill, our network is growing, we have met many friends who are willing to assist in the foundation. Some have pledged time, money and technical support and for that we are grateful. In the next post, we will share details on the website. Very exciting times ahead.

Thank You.

Penny & Tabby